Saturday, April 23, 2011


Alright, I am up and moving on the Orks.  I finished 5 Lootas the other day.  Now I just need to do the other five.  I like doing models in batches of five, although for the rank and file boyz I painted in sets of ten.  Here's a pic:

You can see a runt herd I put in there too.

Also I played a 1500 point game against my friend's hybrid IG army with the orks.  It was capture and control.  I won the roll off, and chose to go second. 

I should mention that this guy almost always plays as Foot Guard, so I was not expecting any tanks.  As a result, I was a little light on tankbusting in the list.  I still had a unit of lootas and a unit of kannons so it didnt seem like I was tailoring to beat what he usually plays.  He ran a leman russ executioner I think, the one with all the plasma cannons.  Let me tell you, between that, and his stock Russ, I was loosing boyz left and right.  Of course it didn't help when my boyz couldn't roll a run of more than 1" and rolled two 1's for difficult terrain.  I lost about 18 inches of potential movement in two turns.  That really hurt.  I ended up pulling a draw, with my steadfast gretchin holding my objective.  Fun game, and a good learning experience.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Way she goes....Way she goes.

So as you know, adepticon came and went.  I did not have enough time to finish my beastie to the extent that I wanted before he took to the field.  He still needs a lot of work.  I am very pleased with how the carapace came out on the Sea Dragon, but everything else is not perfect. 

Unfortunately, he will remain in his barely finished state until another tournament comes up where I use him.  It might be a while, as when I used him during the tournament I really didn't enjoy using him.  There is no finesse to the Wolf lord on a thunder wolf, and it really makes it unexciting to play. 

At any rate, the next event for me will be the Boston Brawl.  I plan on bringing my Orks, and they need some work before they are in top fighting form.  To finish the army, I need 90 boyz, 12 bikes, 3 kannons, 15 Kommandos, 10 lootas, and some other bits and bobs.  Luckily I have already finished the 90 boyz for the ETC and a few other models, so here is what actually is on the painting Docket:
10 lootas,
6 kannons with assorted hangers on,
Warboss on a bike,
8 warbikers
15 kommandos, and snikrot