Thursday, February 24, 2011

OMG, I'm learning so much about sculpting you guys.

Alright.  Big updates.  Now that this guy is beginning to really take shape, I am getting really excited about it which means more motivation which means more work on him and more posts for your amusement.  Watch this spot.  
Below you can see what I have done to created an underwater breathing apparatus for the beast.


 Here is a picture from a different view.  You can see that I've left a hole down there at the anterior (look at me using anatomy words I learned in dental school!!!111!).  The idea is that from each of the three protrusions that compose the gill, will be a gill like frilly thing which will connect the rod to the neck.  I will probably use fake eyelashes for this.  I will be purchasing them incognito.  The idea is that water can enter the gill through the hole I left as the beast swims along.  It will then pass the frills and oxygen exchange will occur, just the way nature (or the hive mind) intended.

Also Hagar is moving right along.   He is essentially finished.  I need to glue him together, add a rebreather of sorts, and finish the shield.  Unfortunately the shield is somewhat of an embarrassment currently.  Ill probably scrap it and start over.  I want a Scottish Inspired Targe which should fit in nicely with the designs on the shins as well as the viking theme of these guys. 

So what is left to do?
1. Glue him together
2. Sculpt rebreather
3. Make Shield
4. Removably pin him to the Leviathan

1. Glue the head on
2. Fix the nicks in the gills
3. Add fake eyelash frills
4. Affix him to a base
5. Add chains to connect him to Hagar
6. Add Space Wolfy decorations and battle damage.

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