Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Recent Work

So I just realized that my deadline for this monster is approaching faster than I wanted.  I need to get crackin!

I worked on this recently:

The rider has had his left foot finished.  I'm really pleased with it in general.  Also his torso has been bulked out laterally.  Once the arms are in place I think he will look just about right as far as scale goes.  Tonight I want to finish the other foot, and maybe do the calf on the left leg. 

I also worked on the leviathan's head and neck.  I eased the transition on the neck.  It looks pretty solid, but now I need to figure out some way to make gills for this guy.  The things I have on there at the moment I am not really happy with at all.  Here's a picture:


  1. Nice detailing on those shin pads. As ever, your work inspires.

  2. Thanks Brian! Glad to get some comments.

  3. Neck looks great. Those spines on the side of the head look pretty cool from that angle too.
    The legs look a lot more correctly proportioned now. I can't wait to see this guy start to get some attention from the paintbrush.