Monday, March 14, 2011

Battle for the Burbs

This weekend past I attended the Dorkamorka Battle for the Burbs in Watertown MA.  I ended up getting best overall with my 1750 witch hunters.

Included in this post are two pictures they took of some of my models which were runners up for their painting competition. 

My first game was against a speedy ork army.  He had three units of trukkers, a battlewagon with defrollas and shootboys, some killa kans, a big mek, lootas, wartrakks and some deffkoptas. 

He took first turn which after playing as orks, is actually not a great idea against an army like mine without a lot of long range shooting.  He deployed centrally with his fast stuff with the kans off to a flank.  I deployed as far away from the slow stuff as I could and castled in a corner.  The primary objective was kill points.  I slowly fed expendable units into his battlewagons path.  The highlight of the game was a seraphim going death or glory on the deffrolla battle wagon, and immobilizing it.  This was a turning point as it really messed up his timing and allowed me to target his units without worry of getting nailed by a multiassault.  We only got through 4 turns, and I made a mistake not assaulting his HQ's unit on the final turn in order to destroy the big mek.  I would have done it at 5 turns, but it wasn't to be.

Round two I was paired up against a BT player.  He had a foot mob of 20 templars, and a few units in drop pods as well as two units of shooty terminators.  This was a game of frustration for my opponent.  I Got first turn and he went all reserves in a spearhead mission.  Not a bad idea.  I focused fire on parts of his army that I didnt mind getting assaulted by (the terminators).  I completely ignored the big foot squad until later.  He ended up assaulting my seraphim with his terminators that I was shooting at.  They went invulnerable and survived.  Then they hit and ran 13" and then in my turn moved another 12" to get around to the rear of the big foot squad.  The foot squad was very spread out in order to avoid damage from templates, and this ended up biting him in the ass, since I assaulted the very rear of the huge unit with my seraphim.  They managed to hold his unit there for 2 assault phases and pulled the entire unit away from my line (they would have assaulted if the seraphim hadn't intervened) 12", and missed a movement phase, so essentially 18" of displaced movement.  The rest of his army was dismantled by my shooting over the rest of the turns, and the game ended with his army wiped out aside from the 20 man crusader squad which was essentially untouched.

Round three I played a deamon player in dawn of war.  I won the roll and made him go first.  This sucks with deamons.  Right off the bad he had a huge disadvantage, and his luck didn't get any better.  I ended up tabling him aside from 3 horrors of tzeetnch.  I'm not even certain he managed to get one killpoint off of me.  There wasn't really any incredible tactical maneuvers on my part.  His bad luck almost screwed me out of some battle points, since his Keeper of Secrets didnt come in until turn 5.  I had one turn to kill it, and luckily I managed since his rolls were so bad.

It was a heavy soft score tourney, and I did really well on my soft scores, and with three wins, my battle points were good too.


  1. Love the hatch cover. Nice to see that the genius of Raphael has survived in to the 40th Millennium.

  2. Thanks Euan! I plan on doing some more similar freehand on the other chimeras in the list. I recently watched a documentary on the Medici of Florence. Pretty inspiring stuff.

    I think Venus de Milo may be the next one I tackle.

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