Sunday, March 27, 2011

Oh My God I Have So Much To DO!

Soo Adepticon is at the door step.  I have two Exams this coming week.  I have done little else besides go to class, eat, paint, and study.  The painting is coming along.  I blocked out some colors.  I had issues with the bleached bone on the Leviathan because I tried to shade him before hand with acrylic flow release.  Apparently, the stuff does not dry very fast, and painting over it is a terrible chore. 

Hagar himself is coming along well.  I tried using multiple transitional shades on the armor rather than the typical Shade, Base color, Highlight that I tend to do.  I'm reasonably pleased, but it certainly could have been carried out better.

I painted his face first because I tend to work from inside to outside so that I can cover my mistakes as I work.  I finished the gold on him recently too.

Now he is starting to look acceptable.  I need to develop a technique for NMM silver, and he will be very close to completion. 
I started on the leviathan too.  His mouth being the innermost part of him and the eyes were completed first.  Next I plan on painting his Bleached Bone Chitin, and then the Carapace.

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