Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bikers ready to roll out

Today, the bikes are essentially done.  I still need to do some weathering on them, but I will probably save that and the basing for until I have the whole squad done.  My next project is 10 Nobz on foot for Shaun Kemp's Ork army which he is taking to the European Team Championship.    Shaun has helped me out with the hobby over the short time I have known him, and I wanted to give something back, so I offered to paint some models for him.  He is a gentleman and refused to not pay.  This means I will just have to do a really good job for him. 

Last weekend I played in a local tournament with my fluffbunny Witch Hunter list.  I did alright, but I had three games against armies I rarely see, so that was a really good bonus.  I ended up winning best painted for the first time in my hobby life, so that was really exciting.

Next weekend the first PLASTIC DUDESMEN that I helped write will be posted.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little nervous about it's reception.  I think the comic is really funny, but the internet is a cruel mistress.

I also wrote an article for BOLS about tournament gamers that grind my gears.  I also hope that is well received.  Let me know if you like them when they are posted.