Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ork Skin Secrets Revealed!

Alright.  So I have been working on some Ork Warbikers lately.  They are coming along brilliantly.  These guys are some of the most underrated units in the Ork codex.  They shoot like crazy, kick ass in melee, and are hard to shoot away.  I have finished with their skin, and their Red parts.  Flames compete.  I also finished the bone effects.

 Here is my ork skintone recipe.  I use similar recipes for any skin tone that is supposed to be more bestial.
Start with Dark Angels Green
Then comes Snot Green on the raised parts
Then I use Snot Green with a touch of Goblin Green
Finally, I paint striae or small lines which go in the direction of the muscle fibers in plain Goblin Green.  I really like the effect.