Sunday, May 1, 2011

Marketing. It works.

So I painted some more Lootas.  That's the rest of my squad of ten.  Next I will slam out a few bikers here and see how those go.  I'm kinda excited because I have painted some of the old ork bikers, and those models sucked.  The new ones though, those are amazing.

 Also, those of us who went to Adepticon and signed up early, got a pretty sweet swag bag.  Everyone got a Warmachine starter set.  Mine was Cryx.  I always kind of wondered what the game was like.  Well I decided I was going to find out.  So I need to paint my models up.  I also can't help but doing some custom stuff to these guys.  The warmachine models have a lot of untextured metal plates.  Warmachine Cryx is supposed to be the evil faction, so as a result I want to sculpt some demon faces on the armor plates.

 This guy is one of the dog looking bonejacks

This guy is called a Slayer I think.  I am learning a lot about sculpting faces which is good because I have pretty much no experience in that area.