Thursday, December 16, 2010


Hello, and welcome to my new blog.  I am an avid Warhammer 40k player, and modeler/painter.  In my free time I attend dental school.  This blog is to chronicle my attempt at creating a showpiece model that I can hopefully make a play at some competitions with. 

After a long drive home from Da Boyz GT, I talked with my traveling companions and we threw ideas back and forth about this.  Originally I wanted a Space Marine riding a Dragon, but we settled on something pretty close:  Space Wolf Lord riding a Leviathan

I will attempt to describe my vision for this monstrosity.  Wolf Lord Hagar the Horrible has bent a mighty leviathan to his will.  When it is time for battle, he rides atop the leviathan setting upon the enemy by bursting from below through the ice of a frozen lake.

Now this project is really made of three parts:
Part one: The Wolf Lord.  This guy needs to look more bad ass than the other marines.  I intend to make him true scale like the other Space Wolf characters I have completed.  He will have custom made armor. Since the model is going to be bursting from the ice, he needs some apparent way to have been breathing underwater.  I could use a helmet, but I think I am more likely to have him bare headed with some sort of apparent rebreather.

Part two: The Leviathan.  The fluff describes these creatures of the deep as beings of an ancient tyranid hive fleet.  Little more description is given.  I plan on combining dragon and trygon kits to create the beast.  He needs to be apparently of tyranid origin, so that means 3 sets of legs and a carapace.

Part three: The ice base.  This is the part where I am having the hardest time figuring out.  I want to make the beast seem as though he has just bursted forth from the ice lake.  This means there needs to be (from bottom up) a water effect for about half an inch, then an ice effect for a little ways, and then some way to make a splash with the water and ice effect  as it shatters and blows out.  I really have to idea how to do this.  I have clear two part resin that people often use for water effects that I think will help.

Pics on the next post!

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