Thursday, December 16, 2010

Something wicked this way comes

Here's the first shots of what I have so far.  I bought a trygon kit and a Malekith on Black Dragon kit.  The Black Dragon kit was missing a bottom jaw, so I called customer service and they said they would rectify it.

So at this point I am deciding on weather or not I should put some crushing claws from the Old One Eye kit in one of the arm slots.
I also tried boiling parts of the dragons neck and tail to bend it.  I read on the internet that it would work.  It doesn't   All I got were some warped parts and a terrible smell in the apartment.  I did it really slowly and everything.  I think I can fix it with green stuff, but I learned my lesson: there is no easy way out

What I ended up doing for the tail as a result was use some copper wire and greenstuff to make it into the general shape of a tail.  Ill sculpt on detail later.

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