Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Side Dish

Well the Holidays have prevented me from working on the Hagar for a while and the work I have done is pretty much gap filling and uninteresting stuff.  I did however, get a bit of a painting bug to finish some models that should have been done at Da Boyz tournament. 

My Witch Hunter army has recently taken on some allies in the form of imperial cultists.  I use these guys as regular imperial guardsmen.  They are created by a pretty simple kit bash of Empire Flagellents, and Cadians with a little bit of gap filling and cutting to get the arm that holds to gun to fit.  I'm really happy with the results. 
Also this is one of the first times I have really given Object Source Lighting a fair shot.  I tried it with multiple colors with each power weapon.  I am really pleased with how the blue power weapon came out.  I don't know if Blue is a really good color for the technique, or if I just did a better job.  I'm sure with time, I will find out.

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